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About Us

Revolutionize our daily life with ergonomics

The “ergo” in Udoergo comes from the greek word ergon meaning ergonomics. Ergon means work and nomos means rule thus meaning work rules. It means the science and technique of creating an enjoyable work and living environment. “An enjoyable work” is created when the work condition conforms around the unique characteristics created by the human structure, function and state of mind. The principle of ergonomics is not to adjust the worker to the environment but to adjust the work environment to the worker. Ergonomics is a necessary science and technique to live happily in our aging society.

The establishment of our company begins in 1975 with the physical examination of ailing register workers at super markets. At a super market the register workers would work 7~8 hours in a day. 30% of the worker had Moderate cervicobrachial Failure to treat the workers I established Yuwa Clinic in 1978.
To treat occupational diseases it is necessary to change the work environment thus ergonomics becomes indispensable. After developing the Dr. Grip ball point pen to prevent tendonitis and Relief Belt to prevent lower back pain, I established Udoergo in 2001.

Currently Japan is an ageing society and it is necessary to live healthier to keep working.Working with young co-workers will bring better health and outlook to the ageing members.
Ergonomic is an Art and Science that helps design an energetic/healthy work and living environment. Ergonomics reduces problems found in the work and living spaces thus revolutionizing our daily lives.

At our company we collaborate with local businesses to create proposals and create solutions to lessen the burden in the workplace as well as living space using ergonomic methods. Beginning in 2014, we’ve held workshops to help develop products with a focus on ergonomics called “Work Design: Pro Seminar”.