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We would like to introduce some of our products that we have developed. First the Dr. Grip ball point pen which was developed to prevent tendonitis. This was our first product and its’ success led to the establishment of our company. Then came the Relief Belt to prevent lower back pain, the Dr.Click armrest to rest your arm when working on the computer, the Dr.Chair office chair to prevent lower back pain by automatically moving the seating surface to alter the user’s posture, the Dr.Cut gardening shears to prevent chronic pain when cutting and more recently the Dr.Move mattress to help you move while you sleep.


What came after the Dr.Grip ball point pen

About Us

Introducing Udoergo

Before establishing Udoergo there was Yuwa Clinic. In 1975 Dr.Udo investigated and examined the reason behind ailing super market register workers, of which 30% had moderate cervicobrachial failure. To treat these and other workers with occupational diseases Dr.Udo established Yuwa Clinic in 1978.
To treat occupational diseases it becomes necessary to examine and change the work environment thus ergonomics became indispensable to Dr.Udo. A prototype of the Dr.Grip was initially developed to treat tendonitis of workers. Due to a sequence of events Dr.Grip became a product and its’ success led to the establishment of Udoergo in 2001.

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